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Cloth Stands & Dryers

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Product Detailsx

Product:Cloth stands & Cloth dryers
Location:Ain Khalid Qatar
Value: Varied
Packaging:10 pieces per carton

Product Overviewx

Cloth hanging stands and racks to display new garments in stores and show rooms. The types that are available are:

  • Single Rail garment rack stand
  • 4 Way clothes rack
  • Round type cloth rack
  • Double bar cloth stand
  • Garment display rack with arched stand
  • Cloth stands with slop hooks for hangers
  • Cloth hanging racks
  • Garment dryer racks
  • Cloth dryer stand
  • Cloth dryer rack- ceiling mounted
  • Cloth Hangers

Lesson Qatar provides best Cloth Dryer Stands in Qatar.

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